"Thank you, Maureen, I am now on a mission to become my true self." - Sue, Wyoming.

Maureen, you have seen me and heard me in a way nobody ever has. I am deeply touched. - Catherine, New York

Maureen Pelton brings a rare intelligence to her teaching about spirituality. Many people do workshops on meditation, intuition and energy. But few present the sort of authoritative, active learning experiences that Maureen offers. Even skeptics can make significant discoveries in Maureen's classes. - Monica Moses, Minneapolis, MN

Maureen, I am sincerely grateful for your compassionate and loving guidance through classes and individual sessions. In working with you, I have gained immense clarity and insight, all of which bring love to my heart, tears of joy to my eyes, and a true "knowing" of moving closer to wholeness. I never imagined life could be so beautiful! Thank you! -Julie, St. Michael, MN

Maureen, thank you for bringing compassion into my life. I am forever grateful. - Donna, Woodbury, MN

Maureen teaches, facilitates, guides and mentors with skill, compassion, joy and intuitive abilities. Her own grounding and connection to The Oneness provides participants/clients safe and loving opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. She has accepted my skepticism in a nonjudgmental and supportive manner allowing me room to find my own spiritual path. - Kay, St. Paul, MN

Working with Maureen is transformational. I first took a HeartSight class when life was emotionally confusing and chaotic and I'm deeply grateful for the grounding, centering and spiritual perspectives awakened in me. The increased sense of knowing myself, of connecting with integrity, with others, and being able to integrate my intuition with my family and work is a resulting gift of our classes. Maureen has given me a path to my heart center, tools to feel and work with life's abundant energies, and encouragement and guidance to take my gifts out into the world. I have grown immensely through working with her and highly recommend the opportunity to connect with your own HeartSight. - Julie E. Oswald, Minneapolis, MN

The information you told me about my soul was very helpful and made me feel so good. It's strange to think I don't know well some of the things that I'm walking around with inside of me! -Ann, Atlanta, GA

"Over the years, Maureen's classes have provided me with a safe place to be myself as a spiritual being without being ridiculed or called weird. I have been able to speak freely and openly about my spiritual life. Her classes have provided me with the structure I've needed to learn about and explore my personal relationship to the Divine and my place in the universe. Her classes have also provided me with a great deal of support and the sense of community that I long for. For these reasons, I'm am very grateful to have studied with Maureen." - Sherri from Minneapolis

Each individual reading with Maureen inspires me to live a more connected life. The insight, wisdom and gentle spirit which flow from and through her is an amazing, enlightening and touching experience. Our sessions provide me strength and courage to discover a personal path towards compassion and love. Thank you. -Amy, Superior, WI

Maureen, your classes generate an element of beauty into my life. Your gifts that you share during class continue to empower my growth, my spirit and my connection to a higher force, which fills me with abundance. These classes encapsulate a positive vitality in my life that then flows to the people whose lives I share. I want to thank you for your ultimate offerings of love, joy and zest for connecting heart and soul. You are purely an amazing teacher. -Ann, Minneapolis, MN

Working with Maureen, whether 1:1 or through class "work", has continued to increase my consciousness, enlarge my heart and enhance my ability to be in the world in a more connected way. It is wonderful to connect with other spirited people at a time when the world feels so uncertain. -Sharon, St. Louis Park, MN

The information you have provided me and the way you have done it has been a real gift, Maureen. I feel seen, deeply. And, somehow, I've not yet plumbed, I don't need to hide it or no longer want to hide it. You've provided a sense of being believed in for some part that's been reticent, shy, afraid, unacknowledged. Thank you from my heart to yours. I'm very grateful for the gift that's come through you and been touched by your grace.-Alice, Minnetonka, MN

Just wanted to let you know also how much your classes have helped me with my work. As with most things there was a reason that I picked out your ad initially from the paper and came to you. I can't imagine (nor do I want to) where I would be without it. Thanks so much. - Deb, Nurse & Healing Touch Practitioner, Bloomington, MN

Maureen, thank you so much for making all the difference in our healing process. After our session with you, I felt a huge shift and so much better able to accept it all. Your warmth and great sense of humor were so welcome at such a hard time. Thanks again for sharing your gifts. - Debbie, St. Paul, MN

Maureen, thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with me. You told me so much about myself that I knew but buried for one reason or another. The time with you was freeing and joyful. - Mary, Minneapolis, MN

Maureen, thank you for sharing your gifts so generously and with great patience. Your classes are inspiring. - Michele, St. Paul, MN