Investing in Mindful Relationships


Why would a group of investors focused on mind-training invest in a dating app?

To answer that question, meet MeetMindful, an online relationship platform with a community that shares a value of personal growth. Currently, the platform is helping to match people whom have shared interests in personal growth, mindfulness, healthy eating, authentic living, and yoga for potential dates. Based in Denver, the passionate team is led by Amy Baglan, a fantastic entrepreneur, along with her co-founder Adam Taylor. Committed to prioritizing company culture and conscious leadership practice, they have assembled a talented group (50% women — 50% men) to help create opportunities for people to find authentic connection with others. The platform is currently focused in six major cities and has a large and growing base of users.. The company recently launched an entirely new version of the app to further increase engagement. They started in the Pacific Northwest and are launching to other new markets in July.

Bridge Builders Collaborativerecently led Series A round of investment of more than $5.5 M and our partner, Bo Shao joined MeetMindful’s Board of Directors.

So back to the question, why invest in a dating app? We believe that healthy and authentic relationships are essential components to support mind-training and contribute to a fulfilled life. We support community building so people can find each other and explore deeper connection. Deeper connection with yourself first, and then with others leads to a happier life. Well-Being is a combination of heathy living (calm mind, healthy food, exercise, good sleep) and healthy relationships (self-love, extending love, compassion for other beings).

There are many targeted dating sites out there: for Christian Singles, for Farmers, for the Jewish Community. MeetMindful is a targeted dating site in a segment that is growing rapidly and can be a good investment with a healthy return. What if there’s other ways to foster contact with people wanting more authenticity and connection? This is an interesting question, which I’m sure this team will focus on down the road. The business will become even more interesting as they use their passion, skill, and commitment to consider that question.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.41.54 PM.png

All of this, leads me to more questions. Do you have fulfilling relationships in your life? I’m not talking about just dating relationships. Do you have people who love you unconditionally, see you for who you are, and are willing to be vulnerable with you? Are you willing to love others unconditionally and be vulnerable with them? Do you love yourself, and what could you do to deepen that self-love? What would you need to do to find these types of relationships in your life? Is there anything that you are doing to prevent them? What would you be willing to change in order to find true connection?

I want to honor the sacred union I experience with my wife, Maureen. I feel blessed, beyond measure, to share our lives together. We are partners committed to each other and our children and share the desire to co-create a more conscious planet, together. We experience honesty, vulnerability, laughter (sometimes belly-aching laughter), playfulness, and the joy of connecting together with a deeper Universal Source. I wish for everyone the opportunity to experience the love that we share.

I hope that Bridge Builders Collaborative experiences great abundance through our investment in MeetMindful. The abundance can come in the form of a significant return on our investment as millions will find each other because of the platform. It is joyful to add value to amazing teams with great leaders and help companies like MeetMindful to grow.

If you know someone who is single and seeking partnership and is interested in a mindful and authentic life, please share this post with them or recommend MeetMindful.I’d love to hear any experiences they have with the app.