Living in the Questions

When Bridge Builders Collaborative started investing in mind-training, we were questioning whether the science of brain fitness had reached a point where innovative applications could be scaled through investment. Seven years later, that question has been answered. However, as we deepen are understanding of this movement and as more opportunitites evolve in the field, many more questions arise. Here are some questions for consideration. I hope these questions will ignite other questions — please feel free to post yours, or send them to me.

1. Is mindfulness just a passing fad?

2. The physical fitness industry exploded 30 years ago, and yet our country is seemingly less physically healthy than it was then. Will the same thing happen in the mind-training space?

3. Will the U.S. ever value mental health as we appear to value physical health?

4. Will mindfulness be reimbursed by insurance companies? When will that happen (or is it already in some cases)?

5. What role does the wearables segment have to play in the emergence of mind-training?

6. Will software ever be proven to be more effective than pharmaceuticals for mental or behavioral health conditions?

7. Will caring ever become a valued currency?

8. Will our species consciousness evolve faster than technology, and if not, will we be able to survive as a species?

9. How will Artificial Intelligence contribute or play a role in the burgeoning mind-training space.

10. What role will Virtual Reality play in the evolution of the mind-training field?

11. How can emotional intelligence become a standard part of curriculum for youth? Could it become more important than grades and test scores?

12. How will spiritual teachers be included and valued as interest in this sector grows (this is a topic for a future blog)?

13. Who will be the first mind-training unicorn? Does it matter?

14. Will there be a “roll-up” play or consolidation in the industry and if so, when will market conditions be right for that to happen?

15. What roles in mind-training can be replaced by robots? Perhaps, psychotherapists, doctors, mindfulness teachers? Others?

16. Will meditation studios become as ubiquitous as yoga studios?

17. How can we more effectively heal trauma?

18. Since almost all of our spiritual traditions are patriarchies, will we ever consider changing them?

19. How can we ensure we include diversity in the movement?

20. Is there a tipping point to any of this and have we reached that tipping point?

Along my journey, I increasing learn more and realize how much I don’t know. I have questions, more than answers. And I’m interested in yours.