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Mind-Training:The Emerging Frontier

By Charlie Hartwell

Seven years ago, three visionary business leaders asked the question, “Has the scientific discovery in the field of Mind-Training reached the point where innovative entrepreneurs with scalable applications need seasoned investors?” They began searching for someone to help them answer that question, and created an endeavor, the Bridge Builders Collaborative (BBC).

During these exciting seven years, I have had the unique opportunity to support BBC partners (three more have joined the Collaborative), and to help build a global movement around scientifically valid Mind-Training. We have invested in 10 companies that are providing innovative technologies and platforms to support mindfulness/meditation and self-awareness, to improve short-term memory, to explore happiness, to provide neuro-feedback, to address addictions, and to enhance relationships, just to name a few.

Our mission is to fund and support the visions of social entrepreneurs who have scalable business models for applications, practices, products and tools that build bridges for Mind-Training and its impact on our lives. We see a world where those who imagine deeper, richer connections with themselves and others are offered practical paths to achieve meaningful growth in their lives. Our companies offer practical paths to improve sleep, address mental/behavioral health, build relationships, decrease anxiety and depression, increase focus and productivity, reduce addiction, and much more.

We have the privilege of supporting passionate, seasoned entrepreneurs who are both mission aligned and know how to scale products/services into different global distribution platforms. We make introductions, educate, and respond to organizations that are exploring the potential of integrating Mind-Training products and tools into their workforce or industry. From science to application, our investments are scaling into Fortune 500 companies, the insurance industry, hospitals, the military, educational institutions, and even into government.

Having gained so much knowledge and wisdom, it’s my intention to begin sharing some of my insights weekly through this blog. I hope you’ll follow along, share your comments, and pass this on to others who might be interested.