Tuning Up with Your Song

November 11, 2011 is a day of opening and may be volcanic for some. November 10th is a full moon - fullness, expansion, completeness. Astrologically, the energy of our warrior will oppose our spiritual energies and our wounded healer. It is an exciting opportunity for us to expand and welcome nurturing energies to stretch us beyond our self-limiting ways. The cosmic energies will support us in healing our soul bruises by reclaiming our soul songs - our unique individual vibrations. Please take a moment today to connect with your soul's nature at your very core and sing your song, or make your sound.

As we embrace the emergence of interdependence and interconnectedness on the planet, we are called to bring the gift of our soul song through our bodies to impact the world. To fully embody your soul song, the heart center needs to expand. Please see below for a simple exercise.

For many, expanding the heart center means facing our loneliness. It takes courage, commitment and vulnerability. There is a well written article, which I linked in the upper left box, in today's Huffington Post.

Heart Expansion Exercise:
 Start by imaging your heart center, sternum, being gently pulled up toward the sky. Allow your chest to be lifted and your shoulders to open wider and drop. Naturally, your upper back will straighten and you may feel a pull across your chest. Notice any resistance in your body. Take a few deep, centering breaths and focus your attention on your heart center. Imagine gently breathing in and out of your heart center. Allow any feelings or sensations to come and just observe with neutrality. Now, allow yourself to remember a time of great joy or happiness. Using your mind's eye, see your self there, at that time. Experience it as if it is happening now and let all the joy into your heart. Revel in the memory and allow the joy to fill your body. Notice what happens to your heart center. Notice what happens in your body. Notice how you feel. Surrender to the joy and sing or make your sounds. Vibrate with your unique sound. Enjoy.