Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy

Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy, commonly known as QNRT™, is a unique therapy based on the knowledge that unresolved emotional trauma and life patterns lead to imbalances in our lives. These imbalances eventually cause anything from troubled relationships to major disease. Unresolved emotional stress stays active in the body indefinitely. QNRT™ is a protocol designed to initiate a quantum shift by resetting the brain from adverse emotional experiences or trauma lodged in the nervous system. QNRT™ helps the brain become more balanced by resetting the neurological pathways of the body and unburdens the nervous system by releasing negative life experiences that lead to physical, emotional, behavioral, and relational concerns.

What to Expect in a QNRT™Session

Testing – We begin with neurological testing to assess the brain and determine areas of stress to be addressed. QNRT™ techniques involve muscle response testing, sway patterns and eye movements. This is not invasive or painful in any way.

QNRT Protocol – Identify brain lobe, organ or tissue involved, and unresolved emotions/beliefs needing to be addressed. Core Drivers, Negative Patterns, or Inflammatory Markers may also be identified as integral to the reset.

Reset – Once all has been tested and identified, the Reset process begins. This involves a handheld laser light and a series of tapping while you touch certain organ and tissue points on your body to reset the brain’s response to emotional triggers.

QNRT is not talk therapy. However, we will have a conversation to identify the trauma or adverse experience and the neurological program to be released. We end with reinforcing a congruent positive statement and perspective to reinforce your new neurological pattern.

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Session are conducted in person at her Minneapolis or Palm Desert offices. Cost: $150 a session.

Transformational Coaching

Maureen compassionately supports people on their journeys of awakening, integrating, and radiating the Essential Self. As a guide, she assists clients in assessing their intentions, their motivations, and their life choices. She facilitates expansion in minds and hearts to support the shifting of paradigms to move beyond the conditioning of the ego or false self. While holding sacred space for wisdom and insight, Maureen will guide you in setting intentions and in creating a structure to accomplish your desires. She will support you with an objective voice, helpful tools, and compassionate listening. As you awaken to your Essential Self, Maureen offers encouragement in finding your structure, your rhythm and your voice. Come find your passion, your purpose, and your gifts.

Sessions conducted over the telephone or Zoom. Cost: $200 an hour. Packages are available.

Soul Readings & Energy Work

Maureen communicates directly with your soul to gather information for your highest potential and to empower you on your path of transformation. She transmits divine energies which you are invited to receive for nourishment and expansion. Assessing your energy system and state of balance, Maureen supports you in working with your physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies. Old emotions, beliefs, and programs that no longer serve you are highlighted for conscious transformation and release. Dis-ease and dis-stress come from dis-harmony between the vibration of the soul and the frequency of the body. Working to harmonize the sounds of the body and soul, Maureen uses an attunement technique and when appropriate transmits the vibrational (homeopathic) remedy that will encourage deeper levels of healing. Often people are referred to me by their therapist or health care professional when psychological or physical challenges cannot be resolved within traditional modalities. Typical issues include relationships, work, health, life purpose, parenting, career, creative direction and personal growth. Sessions are free of predictions and advice giving, allowing you to expand into your own truth.

Sessions are conducted over the telephone. Cost: $200 for 1 hour.

Transformative Imagery

Using imagery neurologically recorded in the brain and stored for future reference, Maureen guides clients through a transformative process reproducing important life events in detail, revealing both the underlying source of a problem and its natural solution. Images have a direct link to the brain chemicals that influence emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. It is a fast moving, positive therapy that gets to problem areas quickly and generates change by using precise tools that promote insight and growth.

Session are conducted via Zoom. Cost: $200 an hour.